I have a question for advocates of anti-discrimination laws for private businesses. I don’t rule out the possibility that a sensible answer can be given (I just can’t think of one myself).

Consider two kinds of interactions that can happen between pairs of adults.

  1. A one night stand.
  2. The exchange of money for a good or service: such as buying a drink in a bar.

Advocates of anti-discrimination laws believe that one should be free to reject the sexual advances of another person for any reason (including racist beliefs), but that when it comes to exchanges involving money, a business owner should be compelled to accept all-comers who are interesting in interacting in the form of buying/trade.

How can one justify advocating that freedom of association (specifically the freedom to turn down a possible interaction) be upheld in the case of sexual interactions, but not in the case of interactions involving the exchange of money for goods and services?

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